Buying a Home- Important Tips before you Invest

Buying a Home- Important Tips before you Invest

Thinking of Buying a Property/ Home in near future. There should be a proper scrutiny and homework done before you make the move. A wrong decision can have an adverse impact. Hence, before putting your hard earned fortune consider few pointers to gain the maximum out of it. Here’s the rundown of home buying tips.

  • Fix your budget and gauge your requirement:Planning on your budget for investing and gauging your exact requisite is one of the important factors, which you should have a serious thought on. Deciding on the specifications is the most important factor of second property purchase.
  • Investigate on the Builder:A thorough research on the builder’s profile and reputation is a must. Before putting your hard earned resources in stake, have a thorough idea on the previous, existing and upcoming residential ventures of the builder. This will help is ascertaining their overall status and quality of their creations. A famous builder is ought to structure a quality project adhering to all the prime constructional parameters and most importantly deliver it on time. Hence, a builder’s brand will let you reap profitability.
  • Selection of location is crucial: The property you choose should be in a location that is resourceful, strategic, well planned, peaceful and secured. Research on the neighborhood that will have modern civic amenities in abundance. Schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment destinations, supermarkets and all other necessary resources should be in vicinage to the property. Strategic and well planned locale offers seamless connectivity to the workplace and all other prime destinations of the city. These factors add to the profitability to your investment.
  • Constructional quality of the project:Emphasize on quality of the property. The constructional precision of the project remains a prime concern. Moreover, a property with all modern amenities is one of the contemporary choice for investment.
  • Other Documentation and Legalities: A property involves lot of legal matters, NOC’s from corporation and other authorities, approval by banks for loan, status of the land and so on. Make sure that your property is free of any legal complications.
  • Sense the ROI of the property: The ultimate aim of investing in a property is to earn a lucrative ROI. It is an essential factor to estimate the ROI of your property. In case you want to sell the property or earn a rental income, it should be able to reap profitable earnings for you. A property mints maximum resale value or considerable rental income, depending on its area specification and internal aesthetics, locational advantage, leisurely amenities and so on.


We can understand that finding a property is a daunting and time consuming task. In today's fast paced life we often do not get enough time to carry out the necessary research needed when searching for a property and this can lead to dissatisfaction.

To sum it up, buying an apartment is possibly the biggest decision you would take, ranking after your marriage and having a child. You have a responsibility towards yourself and towards your family and doing all the above due diligence before buying your apartment, will ensure that “What you thought is what you got”!

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